The partial retirement , which is the situation where a worker ceases to full – time employment and start a part – time work to cause the retirement pension in proportion to the reduction in working hours. During this situation, a hybrids situation continues in which the beneficiary continues to work part-time and in high status and at the same time receives the retirement pension and holds the status of pensioner for all legal purposes.

The Flexible retirement , the situation is one that allows the retirement pension compatible with part – time paid work, within limits working hours legally established by the regulation itself, that from 17.03.2013, is between Minimum of 25% and a maximum of 50% of ordinary full-time work.

The worker who intends to retire in any of these ways, will have to notify the INSS’s managing body in advance, since in case of non-notification it would have the consequence of considering the improper character of the pension and the obligation to reimburse the amounts wrongly received .

The flexible retirement pension will be incompatible with the pensions of permanent disability that could correspond to the activity developed, after the recognition of the retirement pension, whatever the Regime in which they are caused.